We Keep It Clear and Simple

You don't want to mess around with contractors that are vague or fly by the seat of their pants. At BNC we believe in process, procedure, and committments. That means on each of our engagements you will interact with us the same way... everytime. There will be no guessing about when we may show up or how much the project will cost. We set times, set prices, and deliver on what we say, when we say it, for the amount we agreed to.

So put your mind at ease, we feel that sharing our process upfront helps you understand a bit more about why our customers trust us... and how we earn that trust.

Step 1: First Contact

Whether you heard about us from a friend or found us online, our estimating process always comes first. We will reach out to gather some information and come up with a ballpark idea right away. If we are not a perfect fit, we can part ways without wasting any of your time.

Step 2: The Estimate

If we are on the same page after initial contact we will move on to a free formal estimate. This may require us to study the property, make a visit, or gather any more detailed information. At the end of this step, you will have a firm, fair, and complete estimate with all your questions answered.

Step 3: The Agreement

We would love to work on handshakes and promises but how many times have you been burned before. Not at BNC, we have a fully flushed out agreement with project drawings, all costs clearly defined upfront, timelines defined, and a ton of clauses to protect you the consumer and make sure you can hold us accountable from Day 1. We take a very small deposit at this signing to add you to the schedule and make sure you get to keep your place in line.

Step 4: Prep Work

About two weeks before your project begins (or at the agreement if scheduled for less than 2 weeks out) we request the formal deposit we defined before so that material and labor can be booked, bought, and ready to go on your start date.

Step 5: Work Day(s)

Some projects can be completed in a single day, some need a few days. Our team will arrive as scheduled and begin working to the plan. We ask the site be free of debris and ready for our team so we can come in and just work our magic.

Step 6: The Pour

After the site is fully dug out, the frames are in place, stone is spread, and the team has created the execution plan. Our trucks will deliver the poured concrete and our team gets to work filling, leveling and completing the project. A final payment is made after the pour is complete.

Step 7: Wrap Up

Sometimes we will want to come back a day or two after the final pour and provide some polishing, extra clean up, or just generally check in on the project. We want your new project to be the next piece in our portfolio and with that we wrap up the final touches to close everything out and make sure we would be proud to have that work at our own homes.

Step 8: The Referral

When you are totally happy with the BNC solution provided, we will provide you information on how to care for your new concrete and offer you some great rewards and incentives to share your experience with others. Our reputation is only as good as how those we serve see us and share us with others. We can't succeed unless we leave you a raving fan of BNC after every job !