Your WNY Neighbors

Buffalo Niagara Concrete was started as a family business in Niagara County after finding out that our neighbors and friends were just not finding quality concrete providers for their homes. Started by Gage Colombo, after years of working for other providers, he pledged to build a business that spoke honestly and upfront with customers about what it takes to do it right. In 2022 as the business scaled up, Gage brought his father into the company to help in the office as they moved the company to a new building on Sheridan Drive in Tonawanda. Together they lead the company with it's continued growth in operations and managing the expanding teams of professionals that work for the company.


Quality First

If you are just looking for someone to show up when they have some time and figure it out with YouTube, we are probably not the right place to come. Our team takes the time to meet in person with you, understand your specific needs, visit and assess your unique landscape & environment, and select the correct tools, teams, materials, and equipment that fit your particular job.

One size quote does not fit all...

Real professional estimates for flatwork jobs should be unique and tailored to you. At BNC we pride ourselves on a proven process that we can repeat, commit to, and deliver on each and every time. If we can't do what we say, when we say it, for the price we commit to... then we would have no place in an ethical world of business. That is why we take the trust you provide in us extremely serious and want to leave each job site knowing we would be proud to have your project at our own homes.


We Protect You

BNC is fully licensed across the state of NY (outside NY City Limits) and is completely insured to put your mind at ease while we are at your home. From Liability insurances to Employee Disability and Worker's Compensation. You can rest assured that if anything ever accidently goes wrong... it's not something you'll have to worry about. Your project manager can provide copies of all these documents at anytime upon request.


Core Values

Every company lives and dies by a set of principles they operate on. This means our people, our owners, and our company as a whole work everyday to demonstrate them at all times. Core values transcend WHAT we do and focus on the inner beliefs that we hold as a company. We work best with customers that truly appreciate and also value the following fundamentals themselves when working together:

1. Clients say WOW

During all interactions from meeting each other through the final delivery we want our clients to say WOW. It's important that clients are exceedingly happy with the entire experience.

2. Don't Break Your Word

Not only do we write it all down so client's see it on paper... but you have to be trusted to stick to what you say, when you say it, and for how much you say it is. That foundational value of trust is all that keeps us growing.

3. Clients Come First

Treat each client like a member of our family. They get the respect and honesty we would share with close friends and family.

4. Treat Property Like Our Own

At each job site, all team members act as if it was their own property. It's treated with respect and the quality of service is done as if it was our own.   

5. Be Ethical

We do the RIGHT thing. This has nothing to do with just doing the legally obligated thing, the bare minimum to check it off, or the "technicalities" (like excuses). BNC does the RIGHT thing because thats how we would expect to be treated and believe each person deserves the same.

6. Communication is Key

The biggest failure in communication is the belief that it has occurred. At BNC our response times for any communication are a central part of being the best. There is no such thing as sharing too much or too often or too quickly with a client.