We Exist Because Of You...

We take referrals very seriously. You took the time today to send us this contact so we want you to know how important that is to us. Our team will connect with your referral in a quick and respectful manner. We will not spam or bother them if we are not a fit. It is critical that you always trust us with the important people in your life.

As a thank you... whether you have done business with us or just know about us from around town, we want to send you a thank you gift when the people you know decide to work with Buffalo Niagara Concrete. Make sure you fill out all the information below to insure that we can get in touch with you when your referral becomes our next amazing customer.

Referral Form


Referral Program Thank You Gifts - Terms & Conditions

If your referral decides to engage BNC with a contracted project, upon successful completion of the project and project paid in full, we will send you a thank you Amazon Gift Card in an amount based on the size of your referred project. For projects over $10,000 you will receive a $100 gift card, below that but above $5,000 you will receive a $50 gift card, and projects below that will send you a $25 gift card. BNC reserves the right to modify, delay, terminate or otherwise change this referral program at anytime. Providing referrals is a courtesy and does not consitute a business relationship in which provider is entitled to any monetary compensation, BNC provides the thank you gifts as a courtesy at their sole discretion and may choose when to individually suspend or disqualify any referral or referrer for any reason. Referrals are only officially claimed to belong to a specfic referrer if the information is sent via this form prior to the referred person contracting with BNC. If more than one person refers someone, only the first person that referred them with this form (by timestamp) will be eligible for the reward unless the original referral was provided more than 12 months prior to the new referral. Existing customers that have purchased from BNC anytime in the past are ineligible to be claimed as referrals. Owners, Owners Families, Employees, and Employees families are ineligible to be counted as referrals for this program. Every referral submitted that participates in a site visit estimate and receives a formal quote from BNC will result in a small thank you gift sent to you just for thinking of us (monetary value of this thank you is variable). All referral gifts are sent out after the first of the month after a gift would be eligible for sending but may be sent sooner at BNC discretion. BNC is not responsible for any gifts sent to the email or physical addresses provided that are not received by the intended person, it is the referrers responsibility to insure they are able to receive things using the information provided. If a physical mailing address is required for any gifts, they will be requested via the email address used on this form. If a response to any request that requires a reply is not received within 14 days of the request, eligible gift may be forfeit. Type of gift card is subject to availability at the time of issue.